Sheila Kwamboka gets charitable in Kisii

Kenya’s only Big Brother finalist Sheila Kwamboka has officially launched her charity organisation Sauti Za Africa with a visit to her hometown.

In a project dubbed ‘Net Malaria out of Africa’, the former beauty queen distributed nets to children at the Kisii Children’s Home, as well as around the Nyatieko and Nyanguru villages.


“We had a good time distributing the nets. We got lots of volunteers and the work was done in no time,” Sheila told Capital Lifestyle.

Sauti Za Africa was founded in December last year with the aim of sensitizing communities on various issues that affect them directly and indirectly. The anti-malaria drive was just the beginning Sheila says.

“The project which has so far been funded by well wishers is also seeking to reach out to school children through existing school clubs, community based organizations and health facilities,” she explained.

The event, where the former beauty queen spoke to about the dangers of malaria, drew a very large crowd.

“It was interesting talking to them. For instance we realised that though several people own nets in the area, they either did not use them or used them incorrectly. They also associated Cerebral malaria with witchcraft and thought that it could only be prevented by witch doctors,” she noted.


Although not everyone present got an insecticide treated net, Sheila was optimistic that the organisation would be able to raise more funds in future to better cater for such projects.

“We also realised that there was need to look into ways of ensuring treated nets are well maintained and damaged nets replaced.”

After Big Brother closed his house in October last year, Sheila and co-housemates Meryl and Lerato discussed using their influence in the continent for the better.

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