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I have read alot on your web but as someone who has for years wittnessed votting in Gusii as a whole ,i have seen guys who go to the poll stations to vote and if u ask them ,how one votes they tell you that they will ask the officers at the booth.
which leads to undue influence.How can we over come this problem before the next elections?
Because one loses his votes so easly which he works for so hard.To my findings 75%of the kisii voters don,t know how to vote.Most politicians take this advertage to get votes that they should not.It's happening.

Abdul Rahman

Inche nigo inkorokwa Fred Obachi Machoka. Nigo imbwate egepindi kieredio as Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) kera rituko ria esabato (Saturday) gochakera chinsa kianda chia mobaso goika chinsa ikomi chia marogoba. Egepindi ekio nigo gekoa abaKenya bonsi bare ng'umbu ribaga riogotoma amakwania goetera eredio moja kwa moja. Egepindi ekio nigo gekoretwa ase abaKenya goetera Western Union Money Transfer (Sponsors).

Nababoririe abanto baminto mwensi more isiko ya Kenya gotoma amakwania goetera ase ogwaka esimi eye.......254 2 251 219 gose 254 2 251 220 chinsa chia kianda goika ikomi chia Kenya rituko ria esabato .... Saturday egere mokwane nainche omwana omino Fred Obachi Machokaa, the blackest man in black Africa.

See you on air this coming Saturday.
Eee, nabo ere igo. Nintwe abagambi!!!!

Fred Obachi Machoka

its been my best experience to see that you guys are really promoting our beloved home, Thanks alot and keep doing the good job, I am really glad guys that's all

Otunga Samuel


I am thrilled by this website, you guys are doing a great job. I still feel you need to activate the chatroom so as the abagusii we can exchange ideas from around the world. Nyambuche Naki?
Evans mageto [london]
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I was wondering if we had the forum page like a thread kind of thign where you can post a reply on a subject something like that you know. An example is like what we have on the Kenya ni yetu and Mashada website this looks very good by the way keep it up we are proud of you

i am happy for the job you are doing! let's know if you need help of any kind
arika nyaundi


The polling booth is a great idea. Is it possible to include choices like:
1. Don't know
2. Other
3. Don't want to state
etc, as some of the alternatives in the poll
questions? Thx.

Thomas Ombui

Hello there,

I am a TV Director working in the UK, currently researching about trepanation; the art of brain surgery that has been practised for thousands of years.
I understand that the Kisii people still practise trepannation. Could you advise me whether this is still the case and whether it might be possible to make contact with representatives of the Kisii people to tell me more about their practice. Very Best Wishes,

Ashley Gething

Shine TV Limited
108 Palace Gardens Terrace
W8 4RT

00 44 [0]20 7313 8080 [tel]
00 44 [0]20 7313 8041 [fax]

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to the webmaster,
it is my sincere compliments and from deep my heart fo r the effort that u have done to make this site available globely.ia m kenyan by ciizen and omogusii
by origin. i was very very much delighted when i got this website and i really felt much home because in real sense i have stayed out of kenya for more than
5yrs now.At the moment i am residing in india over study purpose and with this kind of site really it makes me informed about the real and truth of my
culture including the latest things going on. i wish u all the best and if anycommunication u can contact me at the following email id, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
thanks and wish you all the best as you continue to intimate us the latestdevelopments and also failus of the motherland .

Mbuya more?,Nche nigo nkorokwa Ericc Ndege from Kansas city USA.I thank you for your hard work yokobeka Gusii ase ekomputa.
Mbuya mono.
Ericc Ndege

It is fun seeing stuff from Kisii on the internet. Hopefully other people can be invited to contribute: technological, ideas, or by way of material.
Take care.

Charles G. Manyara, Ph.D.

Mbuya more agwo US?
Nagokire ng'a abaminto mwatwarire ebirengererio buna ebi twabwate aiga inka.Inee, mbora imoganie amang'ana korwa aiga? Totebie torike gocha goetera ase email erinde mwa yarika abanto baito ense yonsi bamanye! Mbuya mono nainde genderera igo, "mgae" hivyo hivyo!

First and foremost - Singer "Cool James" (James Dandu), known for his popular "Sina Makosa" Remix that most of you love and is still currently played in Kenyan parties, clubs and radio - was killed in a car crash in Dar es Salaam yesterday ! Rest in peace and prayers to his family, friends and fans worldwide .... Click here for details -

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May I ask you for a little favour ?

I'm sorry for pestering with a translation inquiry which but I thought that you might tell me how to say "No smoking" or "Smoking prohibited" and a greeting like "Welcome" in Kisii. Further, how do call Kisii (Kisii language) in Kisii itself ? Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,
Ulrich Faber

I read on your page regarding crafts that there seems to be no record of the use of soapstone before the 20th century. In a conversation with Elkana Omweri, the noted carver and educator, I was told that the stone was used traditionally during initiation rites. In effect, dolls were carved out of the stone as teaching tools for sex education.


I read on your page regarding crafts that there seems to be no record of the use of soapstone before the 20th century. In a conversation with
Elkana Omweri, the noted carver and educator, I was told that the stone was used traditionally during initiation rites. In effect, dolls were
carved out of the stone as teaching tools for sex education.


Dear Editors,
Bravo for the good work you are doing.I learnt of your site from my sister who lives in North Carolina.Genderera igo igo.Anyway Abagusii inkonyara
tore.I WILL NEVER STOP CHECKING ON THE SITE EVER.Iam a T.V Producer with the National Broadcaster K.B.C.Once more keep it up,and keep it Gusii
Josephine Karani-kakai

Tata na baba ondane abwo more abasera abasera abaterere, noyio gechembachembania omoaka ngero inse chimbarayomayomia mosononkore amaruko buna mosio omabere buna mosio ontetere. Gochaga tata kegwensi na baba kewensi. Omosiereko okogamba kina motogua, mabumburi agotera rieri kenyoro. Subeni eronyo, Nyambu okorora gechuni gesagekwa. Erioki riomomanyi, amabere yegoree.

I just personally thought to share with you what the kisii commonly called "Chimbaka" which most of the now kissii young and even the older are ignorant
about. (I have done a lot of research on the issue. anybody interested can send request vie webmaster and we'll respond accordingly and in good time. Read the signs of the times though. Ford people offers the best solution for our randown economy. Please let us support Nyachae for message and values that he stands for. that you and Nyasae abasesenie mono kobua.

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My name is Lilian Nyakoe and my mother just gave me this site to check out.To be really honest i was suprised coz kisiis seem to be one of the few tribes where we are not proud to be kisii unlike others. My luo friends especially are always on my case about it coz we cannot even speak it in public leave alone speaking it between us siblings ( my brother and I, he is in university of Minnesotta cannot speak to each other though we cannot talk to other pple in kisii it is just hard to have aconversation with him in Kisii). i am glad to have one that will suprise my buddies thanks guys Anyway i am proud of you guys keep it up. I am in Boston , MA.
and i will keep checking this site out and make sure to give a shout out to my few kisii buddies .

take care guys
Always Lil.


Congratulations This is getting funky! I will look at it later

Rono J


Thanks for the wonderful work. A Kisii Website is long overdue, now that it is here let us expand our knowledge and enrich it with more about Kisii. Congratulations for the good work.

Arnold and the rest of the crew, nyasae oyio.

Gisemba, Kennedy

Dear webmaster,

Mbuya mono ase omkia mwakorire korosia egwebsaiti eye. Eke nakio egento keratokonye ase ogotebererania amange.

Nyauma Nyasani

This is a good move guys.Continue with the same motto.

Jeff Nyamache Akisa

There are many great names of kisii politicians dead and alive which are missing in the 'Hall of Fame' section:Andrew Omanga,Lawrence Sagini,Chris Obure,James Nyamweya,Nyabiosi etc.

Pls include these names.Besides some of the profiles of prominet Kisiis are not up to date.Make them detailed to act us inspiration to us the young and political aspirants.

Fellow kisii,

Keep up with the good work and we'll soon be giving you advise on what is to be done to improve our website.

Samuel Nyabuga

Suggestions or Comments: = Gaki let us be sincere to one another.Especially those people who promise poor parents that they would provide with visas and giving students fake 120s.Plis stop!Even abangina are involved.Address this issue and let our people be educated on procedures of getting their children to the USA PLEASE.

O Biryndu

Hi Bwamwabo,
God bless you'all editors. Good luck.

Johnie Coms

A real positive step. I never thought of this. I am in ICT, let me know how I can be of help to this great cause. Warm regards,

Clive Ondimu

I like the sense of identity brought out in your website. I am not a gusii though. I have learnt a few words in ekegusii and find it a simple language to learn and form words. This is my contribution to your list of words: Engamia - camel; Eswiti - sweet; Epizza - pizza; and Echipusi - chips. Keep it real guys, good show.

Anthony whakhisi Wax.

I take this opportunity first to thank you and secondly to congratulate you for the good efforts that you have put to this site. I will endeavor my self to assist you in any way.
Quick comment on Gusii Politics, especially Kitutu Masaba is that, the front-runner is Dr. Omwenga Mogeka followed closely by Captain Matata. The others have gone to oblivion

John Mwaniki Kerina,

Matonda, Omoke, Ondimu, Manono and Momanyi. This is wonderful. Oyo nomogoko omonene gotwara esite ya abagusii.

Oyo Okorika ne dragon Korwa Wisconsin(Momanyi).

'sup guyz,ireally like your new package.It's more attractive,more captivating and lively than the former,to be specific it's quite an improvement to the
other one.But there is alittle stuff i'll arge you to include in your website n' that is something for us we the weeny-teeniez.Men put the latest entertainment in
your page although it might be irrelevant to the topic,aaaaaaaaight,i'm saying this to jimmy, cliff,Goddy n'the rest of the organizing staff.O'wise,it's a nice job done by you boys.

Eric Manono

guys, the siteis is a great site ....kind of like an e-reunion (i know that exists) esp for old boys & girls of cohs and nyabs! cohs, i see you're still keeping your promise.....nyabs vipenzi zetu sisi tumeapa tutawatumikia milele na milele, nyabs vipenzi hakuna wengine kama nyinyi! (am sure it rings a bell!) and of course nyamterians! ayio yonsi namagenderero! keep up the good work. natafuta website ya bond 7.....iko?!

lynette Ratemo

I am a great fan of your website and i stay in canada.All your stuff reflects how our kisii community is advancing in this computer era .Keep on keeping on
as ma'old school buddy Eric manono a.k.a "bigg poppa" puts it.By the way i miss this guy too much can someone send me his address.

Jeff Monyenye

Wishing you the very best in the year.
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Ninde no mogoko sana ase egasi engiya mwakorire kobeka amangana igoro ya abagusii ase internet. Nyasae abaseseni. Mogenderere gokora egasi engiya nga eye mwakorire. Mbuya Mono Kwaheri
Julius Momanyi
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Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

i like your site. quite nice learning EKEGUSII. tokende juu! Truly,
Christopher Kims.
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Christian greetings to you.I am honored to share these links with you,
The Love of God :
The Biblical Definition of Sin
The Gospel In a Nutshell
in the hope they will bless you inyour walk with Jesus. In case you have questions I will gladly consider them.Gratefully
Job Gathemia

This is a great idea. However, you for got to mention that this is not "standard" Ekegusii spoken by the majority of Abagusii. It seems that you have taken it from the southern part of Gusii. Here are some examples of how Abagusii abange spell and pronounce these words:
Omotwe vs. Omotu
Ensu vs. Enswe
Mambia vs. Mambi
Ekemoni vs. Ekebusi (ekebusi is not an original Gusii word. It comes from the English word Pussy)There are also a lot of spelling errors. eeri not eheri; The last part of your lesson seems to be messed up please fix it.
These are just a few. There is nothing wrong with the type of Ekegusii you have chosen but I think it would be fair to mention that it is not what most of us speak.Tigara buya (not Kwaheri)
Edwin Okong'o.
San Jose, CA

Hi, My name is Perpetua Nyaboke Angima. I'm impressed in the website. It's the best thing in the web. I got to learn a few Kisii words I did not know of. My mum will be pleased when I tell her about this. She was actually thinking of enrolling me for Kisii classes. IMBUYA MONO SANA!! please reply to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Best Regards,
Perpy (Pepe)

with keen interest, i would wish to draw into ur attention the fact that you erred in your web contents especially on the learn ekegusii part. May you pliz look for someone omanyete translation ye-ekegusii,say those primary teachers can do you good editors. By posting an erroneous web page on the internet gives us a bad impression of your website. Intwe naabagusii na intotagetie motosirie ase ogotomisguide in as far as ogosomia ekegusii is concerned. I have personally offered to be your editor incase you need help.
reach me on :
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks so much for coming up with such a nice idea! I had actually thought of it after taking some webpage design course at Strathmore College. Once again its Great! And now my suggstion please add more content into the site
and make it look nice by ordering the content. Now i wont come up with the same site or a related site. coz whats the need anyway?. I just wanted to promote our culture and you guys have done it!. Maybe incase of any consultations you are always welcome! I am the web adminstrator for the site called, the work i usually do when i am not busy in college-Strath. Cheers men and lets keep it burning!
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

please find for mr. charles nyakundi obae.from nyakoe.he went to mititi sec. school in oyugis.he did his kcse in 1992. thank you in advance.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for your LEARN EKEGUSII section at My Kenyan friends at my SDA church in Raleigh, North Carolina were impressed at my new skills.
Can you suggest resources to learn more? Thanks you so much. Lorrinda Michieka
Raleigh, North Carolina
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HELLO GUYS,I am a kisii my birth and I must say I was impressed to see my mother tongue on the www - so now I dont have to sit down and get pestered by my friends who want to learn my mother tongue , I simply refer them to this site! ain't
that great? as a matter of fact, I learnt one or two words I didn't know myself! I think the person who wrote this is definately not from Nyamira - where I know some of the words are spelt and pronounced differently!
Someone needs to look at the miscellenous section of 'learn Ekegusii' and rectify some of the meanings of words - the text seems distorted and out of place; for a visitor this might be misleading! I think the text needs to be
aligned appropriately to reflect the true meaning! I live in England rarely get to speak Ekegusii as there are no kisiis where
I live! In fact, I think, there is probably one other kisii in this country! ( I think)! sad really but...

Ida Kemunto

I am a Kenyan lady in Canada nad i was accessing the internet the i saw s'thing to do with Kisii Website wauh!! Congrats!!!


Abasani bonsi bwakire?
Rero nagokire mono ase korora amangana na epicha yaito. Mwakorire buya mono. Inche n'omomissionary ase korwa Gusii kusini korende nairanire bwo Germany emiaka 1995.Amakwania amange na Omonene amosesenie.


Thanks alot for putting kisii into the net.Iam very happy to read very nice message and pictures more so students from abroad i being one of them.Thanks and bring more.For any assistance you can e-mail.

Nyamoita Nyamwamu


Bob Njoroge

If you look at the link to uhuyru then you'll hope that the guy inside, if any has his breaks on the break pedal. Sasa mimi naogopa sana karibu mmi adhani ati gari takanyaga mimi. Lasima mimi afunge masin araka sana, akiogopa kufa.

Kasi yenyu ni misuri by the way. Na hiyo ni maendelo.

Omollo John Olala

Abasacha aba ,
Oyo Duncan Omwenga Bosire, eprofessa yechisabu korwa Michigan State University aiga Amerika.I went to the internet and i was shocked beyond repair konyora buna you guys have gone miles ahead.As a former Old boy of Cardinal Otunga Mosocho, i was happy to learn that the revolves or is a brain Child of abamura nakonyete aria esukuru and more especially my homees from Bosongo , na Nyamataro.Nagokire sana and onye mwarenge aiga Michigan, onango kera omonto nigo asiba esota(soda Madiaba) ya rogoro aiga.
Nway its a step forward and congratulations Jim, Dicky, Matonda, Otiso,Goddy nabasacha bande bonsi.
Cardinalians juu!!!!!1 juu juu zaidi.

Bosire Duncan,


Ebiara bibere igoro
Thumps up!! Mwakorire egasi engiya sana. Mpaka e-aerial shot ya Gusii? Kai tata!!! Nabo moroo. Keep it up. I am very impressed by everything.


Mbuya more abanto baminto?

obosaro bonyamatuta <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >

Do you know that I am also the author of Salted With Fire and Malaika, two novels set in Kisii? They are both available in Kenya. And in a few months the Jomo Kenyatta Institutute is publishing After Uhuru: Kenya Stories, a collection of short stories set in Kisii.

Arthur Dobrin

Does anyone know the name of the two rivers that border Kisii town? I can't find this on a map that is detailed enough and whenever I've asked a Kisii,
they didn't know.


Arthur Dobrin

I am impressed the is site up and is wonderful. Other tribes(nations) will be following us soon. Good job guys Imbuya mono sana.

Obed K. Nyaribo

Keep it up guys you are coming up well. Ilike this site and I do visit it any time I am on the line

Mildred Nyarinda.

Nigo nagania kobairaneria ngá mbuya mono ase emeremo emiya mogokora ase ogotamanyia amangána igoro ya Gusii yaito.Otatiga egento kiengencho nagania kobasaba mokore onye mokonyara komoranche gaki beka e website yaito mwamogusii ebe ekegusii gioka buna eyabagere.Naakire mbuya mono na moseseniwe.


A while ago I had asked if anyone could identify the names of the two rivers that border Kisii Town. Has anyone been able to help?

Arthur Dobrin

Very good work" must by now be a useless clinche' to compliment your work, but I am still compelled to use it. I shall put a link to this site on
More pictures from Manga, Tombe, Bogirango, Nyamache, Kegogi, (the Kisii diaspora in general), comprising not only the landscape but Abagusii doing various activities --digging, politiking, idling, etc will make the site much more improved.
I am in America too but too much American-Abagusii will narrow the fucus of the site.


I could have expressed these things better without using words but unfortunately words are all that I have here.

I tried to post this on the chat but it came back unsuccessful so please post it for me.
I am impressed by this ingenious idea of starting a kisii website. Jimmy, Clifford, Wycliffe, abana ba Nyam-t I am so proud of you guys. keep it up.
I see alot of Cardinalian presence here. Well in that spirit I would like to remind you guys of Nyabs de Cards (HA HA). As Miss Nyabs 1993, I salute all the ladies from Nyabururu Girls High. We had our good times then. And of course all the Nyam-tarians. I dedicate this song:

Tere isi some poys in Kisii taon, tey call temserf rastafarian,
Tey cut teir air in uniki staeri
Sometimes tey rook rike a wild bird
Abamura bamenyete chitaoni, Bakweroka chirasta
Bagingerete chituki chiabo, orakage nerikorobo.
Bagokwan 'ekerasita, bagokwanegeswairi! oe! sasa! fipi!

Nyamataro nyamachoma, nyamataro kuku poiro!

Nabaiseke nabarabwo baonchokeire ebinyansa, etc. Enjoy and God bless you all.
Beatrice Kerubo Ratemo

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

hey i'm pleased with the web you have created these can be termed astep ahead of the rest such an encouraging effort lets promote the roots thats where we've come from.Where are kisii high school senior citizens?.Nyamataro for life.bye

Amos ondari This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hi guys,
First I would like to commend you on the website. its a great idea and resource. Jimmy, good job I see that I raised you well :). And clifford you are an execellent writer. Well anyhow I wanted to let you know that I am the author of the kisii love letter. I wrote it in 1998 and emailed it to just a few friends and now its like all over the place. I should copyright it huh? Well here's some more comedy from me (Call me sister Nyabengeya)

look for this article in the chat section

gut waki pois..Ae riri atimaya yua wepusaiti..pepy chey
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mwakorire buya. Anything I can do to help from this end.

Hubert Manduku

Hi guys,

Congratulations for this great site. I was checking it out and found a former schoolmate (Beatrice K. Ratemo) and she brought those high school memories flooding back (Nyabururu & Cardinal Otunga, Class of 1993). I also noticed that Nyamira District (my home origin) is not so well represented (or is it for Kisii only) and I was hoping to give some contributions - of any topics/matter I may know about - incase you are interested. There are many of us there and I would request that they chipped in. Well, I am amazed by your ingenuity and wish you all the best. I would like to let you know that I am proud of you guys.

All the best,

Beatrice Nyangau

This is Becky from Andrews University,Michigan USA wow!! cool to see this page. Mumejiwakilisha naona. What do I say!? I miss Chinsaga and Managu and all those sweetbananas hope to come home soon and Enjoy them. "better to have loved and failed than never to have loved at all"

Becky Bochaberi

Etichi Engiya

iga mbuiya is a nice piece of work.i would love to c more on this site and please make it global as in all abagusii should be part of it.i am willing to send you photos from india so that they can also be included.likewise i know guys who may also love to contibute if allowed and they can be a great source of information.keep this good work up all the time. Be blessed

Momanyi Emmanuel

Hi gentlemen,

You guys are doing a great job and especially for our abagusii community. There is a big lot of us here in abroad who will not even ask for water in ekegusii. And your developing of this www is a big step in the right direction. We will definitely support you to realise this cherished dream. Obviously, judging from the responses there is a lot that needs to be done and of course this is positive criticism. On my part consider including prominent sayings - emebayeno - in the learning ekegusii section. We will surely make use of it during our many harambees functions we participate while on holiday! Kudos and keep on keeping on!

Maranga Ogeto, Mississauga Canada

Does anyone know about the KCA meeting scheduled in New Jersey? I would appreciate finding out about it. Thanks

Arthur Dobrin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Just wanted to shout out a big up to you guyz for the job done great.Its a nice idea to launch this website since it keeps us in touch with you folkswhom in great
deal we miss so much.from me is nothin' than a thumbs up,keep on keeping on.

Eric Manono

duke gichana.

You guys are the bomb man. I visited your site and i'm utterly impressed to say the least. I can't believe i know so many of you, some i went to school with. Kina Jimmie, Godie, Bossy(you know we've come so far together). I was also glad to read comments from people i haven't heard from for so long like Beatrice Ratemo(B'rat). You guys are doing a great job, keep it up. We are ready to do anything for you guys from down here. Nyabs- cards came back to mind. Thumbs up guys. With
you all the way!

Leah Nyangeri.

Eye negasi enyiya mono. nagokire korora ekegusii ase ewebusite. Abagusii igoro. Igo natagete gotebia Arthur Dobrin nya chindoche chigoborder Kisii Town is Nyakomisaro and l just forgot the other one. The Nyabu- Carty crew am happy to know that you still keeping the kindles glowing. yeso oyio.

George Marucha.

Would it be possible to set up a comminity locater (as in Kisiis in any region, especially abroad) as a section on your website, I have some ideas. I am trying to locate Kisiis in particular region in the US.


Mzee wa Kazi

hi all its really nice to read from guys i used to know well u doing a good job helping some of us who dont know kisii .keep it up
winrouse oyaro

This goes to the crew!Im blessed to be a kisii reading kisii on the net. Im so proud to tell guys(in the (University of NRB) that i can read anything i want in kisii over the net. Again ,congrats to Debbie. Im a former Moigeean(Moi GEld) and im pleased to see the good work she is doing. If there is anything i can contribute to improve this website, i can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Genderera igo. Nyasae abasesenie. Debbie,write something on Moi gee(honestly we had more than two splengs).
Stellah Gesare Omiti

Hey cool to know that you are working out this website.This is really something good.If it is Clifford then men you are doing something real good.I was with you in Sakagwa.Remember Dennis Arasa Ratemo.I am Ready to give you articles full of alot of good messgae.
Thank you
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Egasi engiya'
This is a good way to remind people of their roots, making us proud of our heritage. Nice to read from some old friends posting to the board. Ebisio ebiya!

Dominic Obare Nyamweya.

mbayore (sp?):

I've just returned from a month in Kisii, and the pictures on your very impressive website make me miss it already. On the political front: there is a gent from Bomachoge who (I think) will be running for parliament (whenever Mzee decides to call elections.) His name is Onyancha Joel, of Nyanchwa Seconday. Can anyone give me details on the political situation there?

Brett Shadle

Hi guys,

I am based at Houston, Texas. I come from Manga. In fact, from Sensi Primary School. I may have some useful contribution to this website. Please tell me how and where you are based.


Douglas Nyamwancha Mokua O'Moegi

Tell me more about you. It does sound tribal to me what do you think? Which party a you supporting? Who is your Presidential candidate? All Abagusii differ on political parties unlike Luos, be open Omela. Ha ha ha ha. Thank you; donn't worry we have tribes, there is nothing wrong for you to form what you feel is right for you.
Although it may sound tribal the fact of the matter is that we have differate tribes in Kenya which portrays that each tribe may choose to have their website.


praise for this wonderful creativity.this is impressive enough.there is more innovation.we look foward to contributing.

Abner Nyandege

It is a great pressure when I open a website to remind me a bout Kisii and bring out fresh memories of the big schools that were always at war;Kisii High school ,Cardinal Tunga High and Nyabururu Girls High.

I am very happy to see the location of Kisii; this shows that people are advancing. Indeed this is one way that will keep our homeland secure and promote our culture. The masterminders of this thought need to encouraged to continue with this missing part of the community everywhere.

Edwin Obara

I was just going through the What a piece of work. Cheers man.


Julius Orayo

Eye negasi endwoti abamura baito. Korende tema konyora einiputi korwa abagaka erinde teapia koba yabamura boka. Nande karwa oborori ase amasomo erinde abasae baragani gocha america bamanye ekisakitiri buna ebinto bire igabwo.
Nyasae Oyio



Nyangenya Maniga

i salute you all and hope that this message gets you in good health, body and mind.

kisii dot com is such an idea!!!!!!!!!!
Omido Joe Mkutu
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

yaani nasinyiru gochiegipresi buna ngichoirwe nomogoko omo

nene komanya inga naintwe abagusii ntobwate ewebusaiti.
nkobaakera mbuya mono kero omonto oyonyorire chingaki chiokorigereria ewebusaiti eye. let it be that the doctrinal tenets the typical omogusii has always
upheld will always live to rule in the minds of the always conscious omogusii irrespective of the diverse cultural dictates that we the kisii have integrated ourselves in. i look forward to meeting ma cardinal buddies over here. mochie kare Abuki mosinto bwo Omwamba


Irene Springsteed


Wilfred Motaro

I yam jast hapi to see tat ekegusii is on the intaneti..tis is gud waki ini kanata thea isi no mogusii tat i can talk to bati when i read the intaneti i feel musuri sana ..gaki you go hon like the way is there any kisii skuru oldy boy outi thea yuas Atuti omosamaro orig
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

its a good job done to have a kisii .com, the challenge to KH boys we havent taken it lightly, we will do something about it, hoping the animosity between COHS and KH +nyabs has ended, good job done, any one who knows the email adrress for manduku nyakenyanya out there, the son to MR manduku,

Ben Migosi

Hey guys,

Mbuya more abwo?.Infact ae konkaa(concur) na omogaka mogambi george about ewevosaiti eye ya mogusii.

Abanto nabange batagete gocha aiga na buna nagenda kenya chiwiki ibere chiaetire, nabo nanyora ekegori gionsi getagete komanya about edoti komu eye yaito.Nonya nekero narenge gosiba agachuba kane aaria oo Richard Bw'atandi, nabo nanyorete abagaka babwate ideas chindwoti kabisa batagete gototerekera erinde gose naintwe twaba bamura bariso ase kenya yaioto ya mambia.

Nainwe aba mogochora chiatiko echi tokorika, tiga koba buna abagere.Tereka chiatiko chindwoti buna echi so that abanto basome amang'ana buna aya abanto abang'aini bagotereka.Onye kimotagete eroboti echiete aroro, nterekere eimeiri gocha aiga Michigan ,U.S.A goetera: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. gose This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Atawaisi egasi yaino nendwoti kabisa na ntobwati bobe nainwe nonya ng'ake.Tobekere echatirumu so that twaterekana chinkwanao live and direct.

Bosire Omwenga nkorokwa korwa aaria Nyamataro ase engoko egwansa egotoka ang'e na mwabo emamba ya soteri.


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