2007 Elections

Prof. Ratemo Michieka the Choice for Nyaribari Masaba


Prof. Michieka addressing Kenyans in Jersey City recently before enroute to NC besides him was David Kombo on the left and Anthony Karanja on right.

Prof. Ratemo Michieka is the right man to lead Nyaribari Masaba forward because he has the capacity to give a new direction in addressing issues within and without the constituency. Unlike other candidates, Prof. Michieka has enough experience, outstanding charisma, an established name, an endearing character and only needs a mandate to lead. Besides, he is a humble man with a lot of humility and respect, characters necessary in leadership. With a combination of the above in play, come November, Nyaribari Masaba will be singing one song “Michieka agambe (Michieka lead) because it is about time you showed up Prof.
Nyaribari Masaba constituency has been yearning for change and a new direction for a decade now after recycling the incumbent with the former MP back to back.

All this time their hope has always been Prof. Michieka and now that he has declared his candidacy for the seat, things can’t get better. Since joining the race for the Nyaribari Masaba seat officially, Michieka has taken things seriously by reaching out to the stakeholders unlike other candidates who come with a do it all mentality.

Since he is a man of humility he has given enough respect to the incumbent while on the campaign trail to allow him to complete his mandate unlike other candidates who have joined the chorus of undermining him instead of supporting him wherever they can to develop the constituency since it home for all of them regardless.
While gearing to capture the Nyaribari Masaba seat, Prof. Michieka has visited the US to address Kenyans on his vision not only for Nyaribari Masaba but for the entire country. In his speech to a group of Kenyans, Prof. Michieka emphasized that his tenure will focus on education, unemployment, poverty and empowering leadership as the major problems facing Kenya. He also expressed the need to share CDF resources equitably.
To recoup his last visit to Prof. Michieka was optimistic on Nyaribari Masaba Constituency’s potential as a national leader and vowed to make education his first priority once elected and ensure that his achievements in education will serve as a model of choice in the country.

On infrastructure Prof. Michieka outlined how he will work tirelessly to improve the agricultural sector in the constituency through youth and women mobilization for economic recovery and poverty reduction. He extended a call to Kenyans all over the world to join together and reduce poverty levels in the country. To monitor and assess performance on development projects he outlined how he would be setting goals every year as soon as he is elected. Such indicators have been lacking in the past.

On wealth creation and improving the constituency management, Prof. Michieka will outline how to involve professionals and the youth in decision making in development to create a constituency which will be all encompassing and equitable in distribution of resources available.

He also will emphasize how to involve the academia, Kenyans in the Diaspora, friendly countries, and local entrepreneurs, to create a Millennium Constituency development plan that can spread to other constituencies.
After leaving IITA, Prof. Michieka joined the University of Nairobi early in 1980 and took a post in the Dept of Crop Science where he was involved in several donor funded research projects as well as teaching and supervising graduate and undergraduate students. He grew up through the ranks from a Lecturer to Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, and finally a Full Professor within a period of over 20 years.
Prof Michieka has served in various national positions in the country besides being a professor. He served as a Deputy Principal, Academic Affairs, at then Jomo Kenyatta University College of Agriculture and Technology in 1989 which later became the 5th public University in Kenya and was appointed the Founding Vice Chancellor of the University, a post he held for over 10 years and steered the young institution from its inception to what it is today.

He initiated several projects which were funded by the Japanese Government under Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA). During his tenure, the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology was ranked the best run institution in the world under his leadership and awarded a Certificate achievement by the then JICA President.

Through the recognition, JICA created other programs, including the African Institute for Capacity Development (AICAD) at a cost of over 1 billion Kenyan shillings in the Campus which caters for various training programs in the Eastern African region.
He left Jomo Kenyatta University in March 2004 and was appointed the Director General, National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) to crack up the authority and bring it to the international standards where he made drastic changes and ensured that the public was aware of the need to save our country from any further degradation. Over 5000 various environmental issues were sorted out during his tenure as the Director General of NEMA.
Michieka has received various distinguished awards, among them two State commendation awards: the Shining Star (SS) and Elder of the Burning Spear (EBS), for his exemplary services to Kenya. He has also been awarded an Honor as a Distinguished Alumni of Rutgers University in New Jersey for his excellent work in development in Kenya.
Overall, Prof. Michieka is the candidate of choice for Nyaribari Masaba because of his endearing character and potential to be a national factor in national issues.

He is more electable for his association with the “Kamba Name” clan which is the majority in Nyaribari Masaba when it comes down to the numbers and for being an asset to have in a constituency like Nyaribari Masaba. The people won’t ask for more.



Cross section of Kenyans listening to Prof. Michieka recently in Jersey City.


The former Gor Mahia Football player forward wing Mr. Simon Nyatome left who is the brother inlaw to Prof. Michieka chanting with Dr. Andrew Nyaboga.

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